Hair Spa in Sakher Bazar

Hair Spa in Sakher Bazar

Treat your hair with extraordinary care by hair spa treatment from Cinderella Women Salon. As a highly-regarded women salon that gives the best hair spa services in Sakher Bazar, we offer such hair spa treatments to you that are totally appropriate for your hair and scalp, crucially nurturing your hair. 

Nourish Your Hair in a Healthy Way 

At Cinderella Women Salon, we offer unique hair spa treatment services to our clients to nourish and revive their hair with a new life. We use effective ingredients for hair treatment and our expert hair specialists focus on detail to achieve the best outcomes. Such a safe yet result-oriented methodology has made us one of the most preferred hair spa salons in Sakher Bazar

Exceptional Hair Spa Treatment 

Hair spa treatment not just encourages hair growth, relieves the scalp and improves shine but also improves the bloodstream, supports the cell culture and shows purifying attributes as well. Attain all these advantages by availing hair spa treatment from Cinderella Women Salon, a Kolkata based salon and a well-recognised hair spa specialist in Sakher Bazar.

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Cinderella Salon is a beautiful salon located in kolkata. The stylists are all extremely friendly and truly have a talent in the art of hair and nails! I would recommend this salon to anyone.

Dallia Dutta

I completely recommend this salon to everyone! They have the best customer service and their work is phenomenal! They pay close attention to detail and their prices are also great!!! Thank you Cinderella Salon for doing an amazing job!

Sonali Sharma

Cinderella Salon is a very nice addition to Kolkata. It has a great atmosphere for clients. It is convenient for shoppers and very relaxing. What a great salon for first rate service. I have long wavy hair and it's hard to find someone who can cut and style it right . I have gone back to hair coloring and I'm truly satisfied!

Aafreen Naiyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the only constraint is that it is a shampoo for color care. Colour based products help keep your hair intact. This will help to protect your investment for a longer period of time.

Yes, clean hair allows products to perform and settle on your hair better. Hair build-up or dirt doesn’t allow products to perform at its 100%.

Yes, we at Cinderella, have branded and tested beauty care products as we understand the importance of your beautiful skin.

Our bridal makeup ranges from minimum Rs. 5000 to Rs 40000 depending on the package you choose. Bridal makeup includes all the services from beauty to hair care to dress draping.

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